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Latest Range Improvements (Part 6)

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July 24th and 29th, 2020

The Cook Shack has been moved to it's new location!  Thanks to Fred Bennett, Ken Sloan, and Bob Fulgham, the Cook Shack was moved on Friday, July 24th!

The building will be part of a new firing line, running from the safety area to, and including, the shack.  The old location can be seen in the foreground.  The range flag and information box have been moved to just behind the front of the shack.

New location, with the old site in the foreground

This close up shows that the shack is now supported by large timbers.  The floor joists were connected to those timbers by a work crew on July 29th. The work crew was Steve Anderson, Andy Porter, Dan Carney, Bob Fulgham, and Jeff Stidham.

Other minor repairs were also made to the base.  The siding will be replaced at some time (preferably when the weather is favorable for outdoor construction).

Cook shack, complete!

The new firing will be about where the railroad ties are in the photo below.  This area will be built up by abnout 2 feet, with soil and gravel. This new alignment will shift the range fan of the Action Range away from the Rifle Range impact berms.  A new berm has been installed at the 40 yard line for close shooting (also in the below photo, on the right).  The far berm will be moved further out, and extended to the left. 

Future Firing line 

Earlier improvements:

Limited resumption of range events under COVID-19

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Some activities on the range will be resuming in May, so long as they remain consistent with current constraints within the State of Oregon.   This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between individuals who are not members of the same immediate household.  

The following activities will resume in May; restrictions are listed with each activity:

Range orientation.  

These will be held in small groups of no more than 10 people, including the range safety officer.  Given the small size of the group, the club is reserving these for all new members, and any club members with 3 or less orientations on record.  Members with more than 3 orientations must still renew, but are not required to attend an orientation as long as Oregon Executive Order Number 20-12 in effect.  Once the order is lifted, those members have one year to attend an orientation.  

Registration is through the club web site, and is limited to nine (9) people.  You may sign up for the waiting list as well.  Pre-registration is strongly recommended.   Walk ins are NOT recommended.  Registered participants will be accepted first on the day of the orientation.  Anyone arriving after 9 people are present will not be included in the orientiation.  Social distancing of at least six feet will be kept between anyone who is not a member of their immediate household.  Individuals are encouraged to wear masks.  Hand sanitizer will be provided.

5 Stand.  

The scheduled shoot resumes on 16 May, with the Birdshot Challenge.  Only 10 people will be allowed on the 5 Stand range, with all other participants in the parking lot, where they will maintain the 6 foot separation rule.

Other activities are likely to be resumed as well.  Please check the web site or Facebook page on a regular basis.

New signs and flag installed on Rifle Range

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Rifle range users have new reminders to raise the flag when going past the 200 yard berm!

The first sign you'll see!  New signs03

And there is a different flag -- the yellow and black checkered design was selected for better contrast and visibility by Action Range users.

Action range users wil cease fire when the checkered flag is raised.  They may resume firing when the flag is lowered.  Members on the rifle range are asked to tell Action Range users before and after they go downrange.  

These measures are necessary because members have reported bullet impacts when they are downrange, mostly likely from ground ricochets out of the Action Range.  The Action Range has been disced, and the steel target stands moved next to the berm.  Action Range users are reminded that all bullet trajectories must end at the impact berm.

Disced ground

Social Distancing Reminder

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These signs are now in place about the range:

Orange COVID-19 sign   Yellow COVID-19 sign

Following these guidelines is a condition of our staying open.

Please cooperate with these temporary measures and “Flatten The Curve”!

Thank you!

Earlier Range Improvements (part 4)

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Friday, March 20th:

Work is nearly complete on the rifle range!  All berms will be widened, raised, and in general, made safer..  New steel targets and target frames will be installed by the end of today.

The rifle and action range will be open for general use on Saturday, March 21st.  

Minor work is still needed, such as seeding the raw soil.  NOTE:  The grass in front of the 800 berm will be mowed to improve the line-of-sight to the steel target.

Installing target frames on the 200 yard berm:

200yd Installing targetsupports

Shaping the back side of the 300 yard berm.  The bulldozer is courtesy of Humberts.  

300yd Back

The 400 yard berm.

400yd front

The 600 yard berm.

600yd completed

The 700 yard berm.


The 800 yard berm.


The steel target on the 800 yard berm:

800yd Steel01  800yd steel02

Parts of the fire breaks now disced around and across the range:

Firebreak1  Firebreak2 800yd   Firebrak3 800yd

Earlier improvements:


Help the Club, and become an Event Director!

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Many of you participate in events and clincs throughout the year, sponsored by the East End Rod & Gun Club.  These offer fun for you and the family, good shooting experiences, and the opprotunity to promote the shooting sports.  These events includes 5 Stand shotgun, Muzzle Loaders, Cowboy Action.  The Club also sponsors the Family Range Day, First Shots, and Women On Target clinics.  All of these are managed by event directors, volunteers who work with the Board to offer a variety of shooting sport events for the members, and also to the public.  

Unfortunately, 3 of the events sponsored by the Club now lack an event director, and will not be held until someone else will take up the reins.  So, we are looking for three people to take charge of the  3 Gun Challenge, 22 Silhouette, and Rimfire Challenge.  

What do these events involve?  Here's a brief description:

    • 3 Gun Challenge:  Competitive shooting with a semi-automatic rifle (generally AR15 style in .223), pistol (semi-automatic recommended, 9mm and larger), and pump or semi-automatic shotgun (12 gage recommended).  Each event can have 1-4 stages, and each with a different course fire. Targets may be paper, steel, or clay pigeon.  Stages may be timed, by elimination, or scored.  This occurs on the 4th Saturday from March through October, starting at 9 am, with a final Turkey Shoot on the 2nd Saturday in November, where the winner wins a cash card as the prize!  
    • 22 Silhouette:  Competitive shooting with .22 pistols and rifles, using small metallic silhouette targets set at 20, 40, 60, and 80 yards, from a standing and unsupported position.  Open sights or optics may be used.  These shoots take place on the second Saturday at 9 am throughout the year, and on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 5 pm from April through October.
    • Rimfire Challenge: Speed shooting at steel targets using .22 rifles and pistols, with a variety of targets set in 5-7 stages. A good event for a family of all ages.  Rimfire is held on the 3rd Thursday at 5 pm, from June through October.

Who can be an event director? 

Any club member!

What does an event director do?

The event director plans, coordinates, and runs each event throughout the year.  Responsibilities includes recruiting assistants and Range Safety Officers, designing the target layout, developing safety plans, coordinating supplies and materials, running the event, setting up and cleaning the range, and reporting results to the Board.  An event director is the Range Officer of the range(s) throughout an event; holding Range Safety Office credentials is optional, but encouraged.

There may be some financial management as well, depending on the event and any grants supporting it.  Since these are sponsored by the club, funding, supplies, and liability insurance are provided to the event directors.  The real investment will be your time and effort.  

If you are interested in being an event director, contact the Club President, Bob Fulgaham, at (509) 540-2324, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..