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The latest range improvements!

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Thanks to a group of volunteers, the range now sports a new storage building for target stands and backing!

20120111 New target building

This is located by the blacksmith building, and replaces the trailer that was originally used.  The frame and foundation is made from pallets, and the wood from the club stockpile.  The roofing was donated by Ken Sloan.  

Further, as a safety measure, there is now a gate at this same location:

20120111 New target building FINISHED with gate

Club members were walking around the corner into the line of fire from other club members inside the blacksmith building.  The gate prevents them from doing so without looking and listening.  The gate still needs drop rods (which will be installed shortly) to brace it from the winds, and the warning sign will be moved from the building onto the gate.

The gates can be removed for maintenance and events:

20200111 blacksmith gate 2of2

Thanks to Bob Fulgham, Steve Anderson, Dan Norton, Diane Kincaid, and Jeff Stidham for doing this work!

The new tractor is on the range!

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The club has a new tractor for range maintenance, a Mahindra 3540, purchased from Jones Truck & Implement, in Walla Walla!

This will replace one of the (much) older tractors, and will be used for moving materiel and equipment, digging, mowing, and discing fire breaks. 

Operator safety, efficiency, and operating costs were the primary reasons for purchasing the new tractor. The purchase is through a multi-year, no interest loan that balances club revenues (your dues!) against our normal operating costs. 

The tractor will be stored in a shed on the adjacent rental property, under cover.

This is the new tractor! It comes with a bucket and forklift attachments.  You can get equipment details by clicking here


The club president, Bob Fulgham, accepts the tractor from Jones Truck & Implement!


Help the Club, and become an Event Director!

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Many of you participate in events and clincs throughout the year, sponsored by the East End Rod & Gun Club.  These offer fun for you and the family, good shooting experiences, and the opprotunity to promote the shooting sports.  These events includes 5 Stand shotgun, Muzzle Loaders, Cowboy Action.  The Club also sponsors the Family Range Day, First Shots, and Women On Target clinics.  All of these are managed by event directors, volunteers who work with the Board to offer a variety of shooting sport events for the members, and also to the public.  

Unfortunately, 3 of the events sponsored by the Club now lack an event director, and will not be held until someone else will take up the reins.  So, we are looking for three people to take charge of the  3 Gun Challenge, 22 Silhouette, and Rimfire Challenge.  

What do these events involve?  Here's a brief description:

    • 3 Gun Challenge:  Competitive shooting with a semi-automatic rifle (generally AR15 style in .223), pistol (semi-automatic recommended, 9mm and larger), and pump or semi-automatic shotgun (12 gage recommended).  Each event can have 1-4 stages, and each with a different course fire. Targets may be paper, steel, or clay pigeon.  Stages may be timed, by elimination, or scored.  This occurs on the 4th Saturday from March through October, starting at 9 am, with a final Turkey Shoot on the 2nd Saturday in November, where the winner wins a cash card as the prize!  
    • 22 Silhouette:  Competitive shooting with .22 pistols and rifles, using small metallic silhouette targets set at 20, 40, 60, and 80 yards, from a standing and unsupported position.  Open sights or optics may be used.  These shoots take place on the second Saturday at 9 am throughout the year, and on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 5 pm from April through October.
    • Rimfire Challenge: Speed shooting at steel targets using .22 rifles and pistols, with a variety of targets set in 5-7 stages. A good event for a family of all ages.  Rimfire is held on the 3rd Thursday at 5 pm, from June through October.

Who can be an event director? 

Any club member!

What does an event director do?

The event director plans, coordinates, and runs each event throughout the year.  Responsibilities includes recruiting assistants and Range Safety Officers, designing the target layout, developing safety plans, coordinating supplies and materials, running the event, setting up and cleaning the range, and reporting results to the Board.  An event director is the Range Officer of the range(s) throughout an event; holding Range Safety Office credentials is optional, but encouraged.

There may be some financial management as well, depending on the event and any grants supporting it.  Since these are sponsored by the club, funding, supplies, and liability insurance are provided to the event directors.  The real investment will be your time and effort.  

If you are interested in being an event director, contact the Club President, Bob Fulgaham, at (509) 540-2324, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


THe White Storage Container Is Looking Good!

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Thanks to Dan Norton and students from the Walla Walla Community College, the white storage container has been cleaned and repainted!

20191012 White container painted

The Latest Range Improvements!

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Thanks to Steve and Bob, several improvements to the range have been made!

First, 104 eco-blocks have been delivered for the pistol bays!  Work can proceed with those improvements with this delivery.  The eco-blocks were purchased through a NRA grant, from Konkrete Industries.  


And then at the range entrance:

 There are new signs at the gates, directing new members to the range, and away from the rental property:image002

The access to the rental property has been repaired and upgraded.  The fence was repaired, and the gate improved.  The access to the lease was smoothed out, and large equipment can enter the range with no problems. 


And the signs around the card reader were cleaned up!image004

Published AUgust 30th, 2019

Lead Serious

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leadOne Trigger pull of a handgun exposes a shooter to more lead oxide than properly outfitted lead miners are exposed to in a week. Washing with LeadOff soap removes 99.9 percent of lead from skin, while regular soap only removes about 30 to 35 percent.


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