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Air Rifle Field Target Shoot!

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This will be a get-together of air rifle enthusiasts with the goal of having fun and shooting targets. Shooters of all ages and air rifles of all types are welcome (maximum of 32 FPE of muzzle energy). The format will be similar to a round of golf: squads shooting two scored rounds with snacks/drinks in between the rounds and after. If there are enough participants, there will be PCP & springer classes. Targets will consist of falling targets, spinners, noise makers, water balloons, bell, etc. at ranges of 10-55 yards with a few special challenge targets.  Shooting sticks & bum bags are allowed (no bipods). There are usually extra air rifles people will loan if you don't have one.

$5.00 entry fee. If possible please RSVP by October 6th.  This is NOT on the East End Rod & Club range, nor is it sponsored by the Club.  The location is 45760 Adams Road, Pendleton, OR.

Call Doug @ (541) 240-1480 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register or with questions.

20191012 Ar Rifle Field Target Shoot

The Latest Range Improvements!

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Thanks to Steve and Bob, several improvements to the range have been made!

First, 104 eco-blocks have been delivered for the pistol bays!  Work can proceed with those improvements with this delivery.  The eco-blocks were purchased through a NRA grant, from Konkrete Industries.  


And then at the range entrance:

 There are new signs at the gates, directing new members to the range, and away from the rental property:image002

The access to the rental property has been repaired and upgraded.  The fence was repaired, and the gate improved.  The access to the lease was smoothed out, and large equipment can enter the range with no problems. 


And the signs around the card reader were cleaned up!image004

Published AUgust 30th, 2019

Lead Serious

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leadOne Trigger pull of a handgun exposes a shooter to more lead oxide than properly outfitted lead miners are exposed to in a week. Washing with LeadOff soap removes 99.9 percent of lead from skin, while regular soap only removes about 30 to 35 percent.


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