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Rifle and Action Range Work Completed!

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Thanks to Humbert Asphalt, INC, the firing fans for the Rifle and Action Ranges are now separated, and the protective berm on the Action Range much improved!

Here's the new view of Action Range:

action range


The view from the Rifle Range:

rifle range

And ... ... there are steel gongs hanging at the 100 to 800 yard targets!


4-H Shooting Sports Marksmanship Contest

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4-H Shooting Sports Marksmanship Contest, in cooperation with Umatilla County 4-H groups

The 5 Stand Range, and the 25 and 50 yard bays on the Rifle Range will be closed for this event.

Signup is at 8:30 am at the 5 Stand Range.  The events are:

5 Stand (5 Stand range)

25 Possible Points – Each exhibitor may shoot up to 2 rounds at each bird. There are 5 birds per station with a total of 5 stations. Exhibitor can shoot no more than 30 rounds per complete round of 25 birds. The pattern of the rounds will be determined by the shoot management.

NRA Three Position Sporter Match, .22 Rifle Only (Rifle Range, 25 and 50 yard bays).

Target: A-36      Distance: 50 ft

Course of Fire: 3x20. 10 shots in each position: prone, standing and kneeling, in that order (30 record shots) with a maximum time of 45 minutes, including sighter shots.

4-H Archery Freeman Round

To Be Determined.

Awards will be made for JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE, and SENIOR, in the Novice class.

Registration is open for this event until 4 pm on 12 April.  

Click here for current information and updates.

2019 Rimfire Series at EER&G!

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This is the 2nd annual National Rifle League .22 series featuring 5 matches, 1 finale, conducted by Black Hammer Tacti-Cool Precision. Each match will include 5 stages from the NRL .22 and 5 Black Hammer Tacti-Cool stages ranging from 25 – 300 yards.

As a push to get new shooters, young and elder into the sport, loaner rifles with ammunition are available. Don’t be intimidated because the Little Hammers will be participating too!

Fee to enter will be $30 for adults, $15 for youth (ages 12 and younger), and will be collected by Black Hammer. Links to purchase tickets will be added to the Black Hammer shop soon.

2019 Rimfire matches 2

Lead Serious

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leadOne Trigger pull of a handgun exposes a shooter to more lead oxide than properly outfitted lead miners are exposed to in a week. Washing with LeadOff soap removes 99.9 percent of lead from skin, while regular soap only removes about 30 to 35 percent.


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