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Lead Serious

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leadOne Trigger pull of a handgun exposes a shooter to more lead oxide than properly outfitted lead miners are exposed to in a week. Washing with LeadOff soap removes 99.9 percent of lead from skin, while regular soap only removes about 30 to 35 percent.


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Extra Orientation

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We just finished an audit of our membership rolls and we found that we have several members that failed to attend the required orientation this last year.  If you did not attend within two months of your last renewal your card has been locked and you do not have acess to the range. 


To help accomodate these people plus anyone else that needs to get their orientation done we will be offering two extra dates this weekend. 


Saturday the 13th at 11am and Sunday the 14th at 2pm along with our previously scheduled Tuesday the 16th and 2pm.  This will be the only extra opportunity to get your orientation in.


The board has also decided that with all of the changes and conditions that we have had this last year, we will be requiring all members to go through another orientation upon renewal of their membership for 2015.  We will be updating the format this week so we will be counting this next weekends orientation as 2015.  


Verl Pressnall

President East End Rod & Gun Club      

Straw bays

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We have had someone shooting AK or SKS rounds on the pistol range and 22 Silhouette area again and I have narrowed it down to two possible members.  If I get a definite identification their card will be deactivated and a letter will be sent.  Apparently this person has not attended and orientation as this is covered at this time. 

We have installed the straw bale bays as well as back walls to collect the ricochet's.  These straw bales are not target backing and I hope to have a target system in place next week on some of the bays.  These will be supports for cardboard and we will try to have cardboard storage available and will be needing a source for cardboard about 24 inches square.  Targets are to be placed down range or to the East and not in the direction of the adjoining bays.  The falling plate target has been moved and set in a protective bay also and in no instance should anyone shoot at it from outside of it's bay. 

I repeat.  Do not place targets directly on the straw bales.!



Calendar additions

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A couple of things that I forgot on the recent Calendar




The second Wednesday of every month through October will be a range work day at 8am starting on May 14th.  General clean up and maintenance only on these days.  Any major projects will be scheduled separately.




Also, we will start Tuesday evening 5 Stand on May 27th at 6pm. 




Some people have been confused or wondered how to register to receive club newsletters from the web-site. 




Click on the Classifieds tab and there will be two sign up or registration tabs.  Fill out the newsletter registration.