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Saturday April 12th

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Due to lower numbers than expected the 4-H instructor training will only use the rifle and shotgun range with a possibility of the archery range. Because of these lower numbers we will be holding the 22 Silhouette at 9 am after all. 

 We also could use an RSO or two helping out with the 4-H instructor training if anyone is available . 

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Work party

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We have a few things that we need to repair and clean up before some of our upcoming activities.  We will try for to get it all done in one day so we will start out at 8am Tuesday morning and hopefully get it all done by noon.  If not we may have to work some on Wednesday also.  We will be repairing targets, weed-eating, filling in gopher holes, putting signs up and picking up garbage as well as some mowing hopefully.  We will try to spray the parking areas on Monday if it isn't blowing. 

We want the range to look nice when all the 4-H instructors show up on Saturday. 


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Land Use Hearing

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Our date scheduled for our land use hearing has once again been changed.  This time they say it will be on June 3rd but they changed the time to 10am.  Apparently they need the extra time to get here from Pendleton since it will be held in the Albee room at the Milton-Freewater, Library.  


Hopefully they will not change it again as I will not sign off on another time extension.  


Verl Pressnall

President East End Rod & Gun Club  

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