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Extra Orientation

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We just finished an audit of our membership rolls and we found that we have several members that failed to attend the required orientation this last year.  If you did not attend within two months of your last renewal your card has been locked and you do not have acess to the range. 


To help accomodate these people plus anyone else that needs to get their orientation done we will be offering two extra dates this weekend. 


Saturday the 13th at 11am and Sunday the 14th at 2pm along with our previously scheduled Tuesday the 16th and 2pm.  This will be the only extra opportunity to get your orientation in.


The board has also decided that with all of the changes and conditions that we have had this last year, we will be requiring all members to go through another orientation upon renewal of their membership for 2015.  We will be updating the format this week so we will be counting this next weekends orientation as 2015.  


Verl Pressnall

President East End Rod & Gun Club