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New target shed and gate

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Thanks to a group of volunteers, the range now sports a new storage building for target stands and backing!

20120111 New target building

This is located by the blacksmith building, and replaces the trailer that was originally used.  The frame and foundation is made from pallets, and the wood from the club stockpile.  The roofing was donated by Ken Sloan.  

Further, as a safety measure, there is now a gate at this same location:

20120111 New target building FINISHED with gate

Club members were walking around the corner into the line of fire from other club members inside the blacksmith building.  The gate prevents them from doing so without looking and listening.  The gate still needs drop rods (which will be installed shortly) to brace it from the winds, and the warning sign will be moved from the building onto the gate.

The gates can be removed for maintenance and events:

20200111 blacksmith gate 2of2

Thanks to Bob Fulgham, Steve Anderson, Dan Norton, Diane Kincaid, and Jeff Stidham for doing this work!