East End Rod & Gun Club

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Help Support Your Range

East End Rod & Gun Club provides a great place to enjoy the shooting sports. However, it is not free to operate!

With the fire on Monday, July 27th, our pistol bays were destroyed. The club does not have the money to rebuild, without hte support of our membership.

Your support for the range is now at a critical time, for the future of East End Rod and Gun Club. The battle to keep the range open has cost us, the fire is a huge set back, but we stand ready to fight in defense of our range and it takes money to do so.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Any amount is greatly appreciated, but if you donate $50 or more, you will recieve a gift voucher for an EER&GC cap, while supplies last, as our Thank you! 

Your donation to EERG&C will be used for items such as:

Rebuild the pistol bays.

Making ongoing range repairs and improvements.

Help pay for the legal fees that have racked up.

Restocking supplies used by Special Clinics.

Purchasing / building gong-style targets.

Purchasing / building and maintaining target stands and supplies for cable system so you don't have to bring your own to the range on every visit.


Any amount goes a long way!

Thank you!!