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Range Use

We would like to remind everyone to please clean up after yourselves when you are using the range. There have been reports that someone has been shooting glass bottles and obviously that is not something we want to see. It creates a huge mess and a hazard for other people who are using the range. Use the existing target stands to affix your targets and if you bring out plastic bottles or something like that, please clean up the mess and take it home with you. Because we are trying to keep expenses under control we do not have garbage service at the range. We appreciate your “packing it out, if you pack it in.”

** Remember that there is equipment in the “dog” houses spread out on the range and DON’T use those to hang targets off of. **

East End Rod & Gun Club Phone:
(541) 203-0124

The calendar of scheduled events is linked above, please refer to that before you go out to the range. If you are at the range when one of these events is taking place, contact the person in charge to see if arrangements can be made for you to shoot. Those events do take precedence but most of the time something can be arranged so you can utilize the range also.

Most importantly, when you are at the range, respect the other shooters who may be out there at the same time. The firing line has been moved forward to facilitate more people using the range at one time. Please don’t set up targets etc that would limit the use of the range by your fellow shooters. The range is for everyone’s use and as our membership grows your chance of being the only person at the range is diminishing.
Remember the tenant at the house is a member of the club and looking out for our interests, remember this if he should come out and ask you about being out there. If you get the opportunity tell them thanks for watching out for things.