East End Rod & Gun Club

Darn good shooting sports since 1947

Our club has the only 5 stand shotgun course in southeast Washington and northeast Oregon. If you have never seen the 5 stand “game” being played, I will try to describe it for you.

It is a game that is a cross between trap and sporting clays. It resembles trap in that there are 5 shooting stations (stands) where each shooter gets 5 shots. After the five shots, shooters rotate to the next stand. This is where any resemblance to trap ends and sporting clays starts. There are seven automatic traps somewhere on the course that present the targets in a way to mimic game shots. There are bouncing rabbits, springing teal, falling targets, rising targets, arcing targets, standard size clay targets and a couple specialty clay targets like battues and midi birds. Nothing boring here. It is a great way to hone your bird shooting skills, or if you are not a hunter, a challenging game and a reason to get that old shotgun out of the closet.


We shoot on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:00. The shoot fee, for 5 stand, is $6.00 per round (25 birds). We will also be shooting mid-week starting in the spring continuing through fall, check out the calendar for exact dates. Contact Larry Zalaznik at 525-1129 or Ron Fastrup at 520-2162 for more information on 5-stand.


This year Valley Birdshot challenge is scheduled for June 11 (Saturday). We'll start at East End Rod & Gun Club at 8:30, and shoot 6 25 5-stand targets, Then we'll adjourn to Walla Walla Gun Club, where we'll continue with the day's events by shooting 25 Continental Style trap targets, 25 International Style skeet targets, and 25 special sporting targets which will feature their new springing teal sporting clays trap.


The cost is $45 for the intire day events.


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 Larry Zalaznik - (509) 525-1129

 Ron Fastrup - (509) 520-2162