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The Dry Gulch Desperados were formed in early 2000 when GD Rimrock, Diamond Deb, Shalako Tucker & Pinto Annie discovered the East End Rod & Gun Club and the ability to practice Cowboy Action Shooting (see SASSNet.com) a little closer to home.
We shoot the First Saturday of the month - see the Calendar for specific dates. November through April sign-up at 9:30, Shooter's Meeting at 10 am. May through October sign-up is at 8:30 and the Shooter's Meeting is at 9 am.


We are a SASS affiliated club and Runamuck is our Territorial Governor (TG).


<-- Scores posted to the left!  (Or above if on a tablet!)

October 6, 2018

We went from Summer to Winter!  16 cowboys and cowgirls enjoyed 6 stages Runamuck put together for us.

1st Runamuck - 127.96
   2nd Shalako Tucker 135.94
      3rd DeShoots Kid - 157.07

CLEAN for the day: RP Dodge and Shot-Z-Lady

September 1, 2018

Great day shooting!  Thanks to Runamuck for providing great stages!

1st Shalako Tucker - 125.47

     2nd Pinto Annie - 160.84

           3rd Hey Granpa - 169.01

CLEAN for the day:  Hey Granpa and Shalako Tucker 

June 2, 2018 - Wilkes Memorial Match

A beautiful day to celebrate our good pard Wilkes!  Runamuck challenged us with 6 great stages and then placed smaller targets for a 7th stage where any misses could be made up with the shotgun!  Everyone shot a clean stage 7 for Wilkes!  We were truely honored that Wilkes' wife chose to spend the day with us!

CLEAN for the day were Cam Colt, DeShoots, Kid, Hey Granpa, Omache Kid, Runamuck, Selway and Shot-Z-Lady!

1st:  Runamuck - 140.28
     2nd: Shalako Tucker - 149.39
          3rd: Pinto Annie - 168.87


Sorry, no annual match planned for 2018.


Shots in the Valley 2017

Runamuck , DeShoots Kid, Hey Granpa, Shot-Z-Lady, Shalako Tucker and Pinto Annie challenged us with stages all weekend! We had fabulous weather Friday and Saturday, but got a bit too wet on Sunday!  We enjoyed some extra company on Saturday too.

HUGE congratulations to Wiley Bob who shot Warm up, Plainsman AND Main Match all CLEAN!!  What a feat!  We had 9 out of 17 shoot CLEAN in the Warm up:  Cam Colt, DeShoots Kid, El Gordo Hombre, Jackass Jim, Missouri Lee, Omache Kid, Pinto Annie, Shot-Z-Lady and Wiley Bob.  Main Match we only 3 shooters managed to go CLEAN:  Hey Granpa, Shot-Z-Lady and Wiley Bob.

The Shotgun Walk was a lot of fun with Runamuck and Satin-N-Spurs coming out winners.  Long Range Pistol and Long Range Pistol Caliber Rifle we neglected to take note of and will try to get this updated with that info!  Satin-N-Spurs was our Lady winner for each!

Enjoy those BBQ sets everyone and Thank YOU for shooting with us!!


Best of luck to our fellow shooters headed to the Cowboy Action World Championships, End of Trail!!!


SASS NW Territorial Blackpowder Shootout 2016

is in the books!

"Smoke in the Blues" and "Shots in the Valley" scores are posted!   Thank you for joining us!!!!


May 20-22, 2016 - A great weekend shooting with friends!  The weatherman tried to scare us off, but we prevailed and only had a few drips during shooting!  The downpour made us head for the RVs for lunch Saturday and kept us indoors Saturday evening!  Smoke was no problem on Sunday!  Please scroll down on the scores pages -- CLEAN match winners are listed below the scores.


Congratulations to Ol' #4 for winning the shotgun challenge and to Shalako Tucker and Lightfoot for winning the team event!


Here are posse pictures from Sunday (because I forgot my camera on Saturday!) -

NWBP2016 Posse1

NWBP2016 Posse2



We are on SUMMER HOURS:  Sign up at 8:30, shootin' at 9 am!


Here is our Memorial for Wilkes on the wall of the Blacksmith's shop:




PLAN on MORE shooting!!  We are offering "Open" class for those of you who want to shoot more.  You will shoot the stage first in your Category and then again in "open."  Bring twice the ammo, and an extra $5 and let's have fun!


We will be on SUMMER HOURS from May through OCTOBER - sign up at 8:30 and Mandatory Safety Meeting at 9 am prior to shooting.  The first Saturday in NOVEMBER we will be on WINTER HOURS - sign up at 9:30 and 10 am Mandatory Safety Meeting prior to shooting.  


Join the Pataha Rustlers in Dayton, WA the 2nd Saturday of the month (except August - no shoot!) Hollar if you need directions!



Please help us help you... Show up ON Time (or a little early -- well before the Shooter's Meeting), help your posse in whatever way you can and let's all have a lot of fun!!