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3 Gun Experience


Are you Ready for the Challenge?


3 Gun events is the fastest-growing shooting sport in the world! And here is your chance to see what it is all about. East End Rod and Gun Club is proud to offer the NRA 3 Gun Experience to be able to introduce new and intermediate shooters to the world of 3 Gun. The 3 Gun Experience offers you a chance to learn the sport at your own pace in a safe, family fun, and mildly competitive shooting program. 


For more information you can go to NRA website NRA 3GE


Pistol Bays

We Need Your Help!!


As most of you know, we have been working hard the last few weeks to get the pistol bays functional and I know that many of you have donated to the cause but we need $1,000.00 more to finish this project. We have done the current work for less than half the original estimate and want to continue while we can still get this pricing. Let’s get this done!

Verl Pressnall past president


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Fort Walla Walla

Muzzle Loaders Club


The Muzzleloading Club shoots the first Sunday of the month rain or shine (Exceptions due to holidays). We have three five-shot rifle matches at either twenty-five or fifty yards which are shot from the bench, off-hand, or cross sticks. We also shoot one twenty-five yard, ten-shot pistol match using a one-hand hold.


We have a trail walk type shoot about three times a year which consists of shooting at steel plates of various sizes and shapes at thirty-five to fifty yards, all off-hand.


If you would like to shoot or learn how to shoot your muzzleloaders bring out your rifle to our club shoot.  Practice starts anytime after 9:00 am and we start shooting our formal matches at 1:00 pm.






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Thank you to the NRA Foundation for the grant for our metal targets!!  With out their support and grant we are be able to have 3 gun events at East End Rod & Gun Club so thank you to all the volunteers from the Friends of NRA for all your hard work to make grants like this avalible to us!!



 We have new rules for the 2016 season take a look. 2016 Rules


Are you wanting something more than just shooting around with your buddies? Want to test your skills against fellow shooters and have fun?


Take a look at all the fun on our You Tube Channel. East End 3-Gun

Here is a chance for everyone to put their skills to the test!

This Multi-gun event now has to levels so everyone from beginner to advanced level shooters. This event will consist of two stages to test your abilities with Shotgun, Pistol and Rifle.

Course design will utilize marksmanship, speed and tactical situations. Steel, clay and paper targets will all be used to challenge your performance with each of your firearms.

This is a great time to come out to the range and have fun with your fellow shooters.


East End 3-Gun Challenge is on the 4th Saturday of each month March though October and matches start at 9:00am.


Mandatory Safety Meeting before each match and this match is open to all shooters and spectators.


This is a run what you bring match. No 50 calibers or armor piercing or steel core rounds. All metal targets are AR500 metal so no firearms with muzzle velocity over 3300 feet per second.


Starting in June we will be running 4 stages and you can choose to run one or all four! 


Monthly match 2 stage fee: $10.00