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More problems on the Action Range

The Action Range is not well understood by members. These photos (taken on May 7th) are examples of this problem.  Please respect and follow the range rules; they exist to keep the range safe, and maintenance costs down.
The 100 yd target on the Action Range, with large caliber bullet holes.
The maximum cartridge size allowed on the Action Range is 5.56mm, also known as .223. Someone was shooting at least .30 caliber, at the 100 yard berm; you can see large holes on the cardboard backing in one photo. The concerns are that richochets will go downrange, past the 500 yard berm. And the steel plates on the range aren't made for larger rounds at that range; they will be destroyed.
20 yd targets are not allowed on the Action Range
The other problem is that only 40 and 100 yard targets are allowed on the Action Range. Someone decided to move one of the rebar frames to 20 yards, and where there is no berm for bullets to impact. Richochets are very likely in this case. If you want to shoot at close range, use the 25 yard on the rifle range for rifles, or one of the pistol bays for pistols.