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Latest Range Improvements (Part 7)


More work on the Action Range!  Our biggest problem is getting suitable earth moving equipment -- the club can't afford to rent any at this time.  So both of the tractors are being used, hence the slow progress.  But there would be none at all if the club had not purchased the new tractor.

Bob and Steve working on the Action Range

The tractors in action, driven by Bob Fulgham nd Steve Anderson!  Photo courtesy of Jim Hartford.

One tractor is discing the Action Range, while the new tractor is scooping up the loose dirt, and building up a berm on the new firing line, as seen below. 

Bpb Fulgham building up the firing line

Bob  enjoys a cool(er) day in a very dusty environment.  Photo courtesy of Jim Hartford.

 The new firing line will be about 3 feet above the old one.  It's not immediately obvious, but the Action Range is about 6 feet higher at the berm than in the parking area.  The preferred layout has the shooter aiming slightly downward.  The new firing line will drop that difference to about 3 feet.  If and when the impact berm is moved, the ground will be dug out, and the slope changed to a downward angle.  That is not feasible with the new tractor -- a large loader or small dozer is what is needed.

The Work At The End Of The Day

The current state of the new firing line.

The final layout will have a gravel top, with a road next to the cook shack.  If you're wondering about drainage, the new firing line is intended to catch run off.  Some will drain into the ground, but a ditch will be dug to the left side of the range.  This is intended to minimize the run off through the pistol bays, a long standing problem.

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Latest Range Improvements (Part 6)

July 24th and 29th, 2020

The Cook Shack has been moved to it's new location!  Thanks to Fred Bennett, Ken Sloan, and Bob Fulgham, the Cook Shack was moved on Friday, July 24th!

The building will be part of a new firing line, running from the safety area to, and including, the shack.  The old location can be seen in the foreground.  The range flag and information box have been moved to just behind the front of the shack.

New location, with the old site in the foreground

This close up shows that the shack is now supported by large timbers.  The floor joists were connected to those timbers by a work crew on July 29th. The work crew was Steve Anderson, Andy Porter, Dan Carney, Bob Fulgham, and Jeff Stidham.

Other minor repairs were also made to the base.  The siding will be replaced at some time (preferably when the weather is favorable for outdoor construction).

Cook shack, complete!

The new firing will be about where the railroad ties are in the photo below.  This area will be built up by abnout 2 feet, with soil and gravel. This new alignment will shift the range fan of the Action Range away from the Rifle Range impact berms.  A new berm has been installed at the 40 yard line for close shooting (also in the below photo, on the right).  The far berm will be moved further out, and extended to the left. 

Future Firing line 

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Earlier Range Improvements (part 4)

Friday, March 20th:

Work is nearly complete on the rifle range!  All berms will be widened, raised, and in general, made safer..  New steel targets and target frames will be installed by the end of today.

The rifle and action range will be open for general use on Saturday, March 21st.  

Minor work is still needed, such as seeding the raw soil.  NOTE:  The grass in front of the 800 berm will be mowed to improve the line-of-sight to the steel target.

Installing target frames on the 200 yard berm:

200yd Installing targetsupports

Shaping the back side of the 300 yard berm.  The bulldozer is courtesy of Humberts.  

300yd Back

The 400 yard berm.

400yd front

The 600 yard berm.

600yd completed

The 700 yard berm.


The 800 yard berm.


The steel target on the 800 yard berm:

800yd Steel01  800yd steel02

Parts of the fire breaks now disced around and across the range:

Firebreak1  Firebreak2 800yd   Firebrak3 800yd

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Earlier Range Improvements (part 1)

Sunday, March 1st:

Steve Anderson, Deven DeSalvo and Bob Fulgham filled a 30 yard dumpster with debris, garbage,and junk from around the range.   Depending on the costs, there may be more filled dumpsters.  If you like the idea of fewer piles around the range, thank Steve, Deven and Bob!

Saturday, February 29th:

Following on the range work from Friday, February 28th, Steve Anderson, Bruce Webb, Paul Stephens, Charile Danforth, and Bob Fulgham came in on Saturday to continue the effort.  Most of this centered on the Action Range and the old falling plate bays.

IMG 1511

The old falling plate bays have been torn down, prior to the planned berm work.


IMG 1512

This is the footprint of the planned berm, looking downrange.  

The current impact berm will be moved downrange, after the new berm is finished.


IMG 1514 a

Looking back along the berm, towards the future firing line.  The stakes are the inside toe of the berm.  

The cook shack will be moved back, as will the current Action Range firing line.


IMG 1515

Material moved from the footprint of the planned berm.  This will either be thrown away, or moved to another part of the range.

Friday, February 28th:

This saw a lot of work done on the rifle and action ranges.  Multiple targets were repairs, especially on the 500 yard berm, where the frame had fallen due to the wind.  The targets on the 600, 700, and 800 yard berms were repaired and readied for shooters this spring!

Other work included spraying for weeds on the rifle, action, and shotgun ranges, and cleaning equipment and material from the action range before berm work can begin.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped:  Bruce Webb, Jim Hartfield, Dan Holstrom, Steve Anderson, Bob Fulgham, Jeff Stidham, and Charlie Danforth!

IMG 1504

500 yard berm:  The impact area was dug out, and the targets lowered on the supports to give more berm above the targets.  The earthwork was completed using the new tractor.

IMG 1505

The back side of the 500 yard berm.  The slope reduces erosion and makes mowing much easier.


IMG 1506

The targets were lowered on the 600 yard berm to provide more impact area above them.


IMG 1507The 700 yard berm, with lowered targets.


IMG 1508

And the 800 yard berm, again with lowered targets.

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Earlier Range Improvements (part 2)

Tuesday, March 17th:

Thanks to Bob Fulgham and Charlie Danforth, all of the impact berms (except the 25 and 500 yard) on the rifle range have more soil!  The fill comes courtesy of Central Washington Asphalt.  However, most of the fill still needs shaping, and that will continue into March 18th.

Here are "before" and "after" photos of one berm:

Berm before

Berm after


Trucks hauling and place fill on the rifle range:

Truck haul

Trucks on range

Bob Fulgham on the tractor, shaping the berms:

Tractor work

And while the range was shut down for the berm improvements, Steve Anderson was discing the firebreak, ahead of fire season.


Bob Fulgham and Charlie Danforth discuss dirt, and where to put it .....

Bob and Charlie

Friday, March 13th:

New steel targets and mounting posts for the rifle range were picked up last week from D-M Targets in west Richland, and installed on Friday the 13th by an all-volunteer crew.

At the same time, the crew removed unneeded and dangerous railroad track, and improved the impact berms as much as possible.  The crew consisted of Bruce Webb on the new tractor, Paul Stevens, Ron Fastrup, Kirk Jameson, Dan Halstrom, and Charlie Danforth.  The work went from 8 AM to 1 PM, with 4 shooters waiting to test the new targets.

The total cost is $1,250 for 1 target on the 50 yard berm; 2 on the 100 yd; and 1 target on each of the other 6 berms.  

Plans are being made for the delivery of soil to improve the rifle impact berms beginning on Tuesday, March 17th.  The duration of the project is not known, so please check the website and Facebook.  Both the rifle and action ranges will be closed

This is separate from the hatchery project dirt for expanding the Action Range.  Club President and Chief Range Safety Officer Bob Fulgham believes that the impacts berms require this work.  This particular project was organized by Charlie Danforth, and the fill is being donated by Ron Jones of Central Washington Asphalt.  There is no cost for the delivery. 

(Sorry, no photos as yet!)

Earlier improvements:


Earlier Range Improvements (part 3)

Thursday, March 19th:

Work has been proceeding nicely on the rifle range!  All berms have been widen, raised, and in general, made safer.  Shaping the soil into suitable berms is continuing.  New targets are being installed.  

Work may continune into March 20th.  Please be patient -- this will be a major improvement in operations AND safety.

Looking at the entire range:

The range

 The grader blades to replace the railroad tracks:

Grader Blades

A close look at one of the new metal target stands, awaiting being pounded on:

New target stands

 The 50 yard berm, finished:

50 yd berm1

 A close up of the 50 yard berm, and an example of what's planned for the other berms:

50 yd berm2

 The 100 yard berm, including side walls to catch ricochets.  No targets have been installed as yet:

100 yd Berm

 The 200 yard berm, under construction.  A bucket loader from Humberts is expected later today to help.

200 yd berm1

 The 300 yard berm, partially completed:

300 yd berm1

 The target stands on the 400 yard berm:

400 yd berm1 

A close up of the 400 yard targets, less the frame:

400 yd berm2 

The 500 yard berm, completed

500 yd berm

 The 600 yard berm, still needing a lot of shaping:

600 yd berm

 The 700 yard berm, ditto:

700 yd berm

The 800 berm, partially done: 

800 yd berm

 A firebreak -- it's just not earthwork going on downrange!


 All this, thanks to the volunteers!



Other Volunteer


Bob and Steve

Earlier improvements: