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Latest Range Improvements (Part 9)

The Action Range Is Open Again!

Primary access to new firing line

North slope steps and warning sign


The New Firing line

The new firing line


Thanks to the efforts of 10 volunteers, the Action Range is open again!  The following tasks were completed:

    • The firing line berm was graveled on both sides, as was the access road into the action range
    • Steps were built on the north slope and east end
    • Firing lane posts were installed
    • Shooting benches were positioned on the firing line
    • The parking area was graveled, graded, and marked off
    • Signs were installed

These changes and improvements are intended to prevent bullets from the Action Range from impacting in the rifle range.  Note that the Action Range must go to yellow when the black and yellow checkered flag is flying, as people are down past the 200 yard berm, working on targets.

The Action Range now has the following features:

    • Graveled firining providing level or slightly downward shooting
    • 40 yard impact berm
    • 80 yard impact berm
    • Safety Area

The 40 yard impact berm has the following features:

    • Two shooting benches
    • Target frame with backing
    • Shooting lane markers

40 yard impact berm firing lane

All shooting from the firing line to the 40 yard berm must be between these markers and the side berm


The 80 yard berm has these features:

    • Three shooting benches
    • Left and right firing lane markers
    • Steel stand for targets
    • AR500 steel disk, 6 inch diameter
    • No target frames have been installed as yet, but club members may use the portable target frames and backing from the pistol bays, provided those are placed at the base of the berm.

80yd impact berm Lane Posts

Left and right markers for the 80 yard berm

The rules for this range now includes:

    • No cross shooting between 40 and 80 yard berms.  Shoot within the firing lanes.
    • Within the firing lanes, shoot directly at the berm.
    • All targets must be at the base of the berms, between 2 to 4 feet off the ground.  No targets are allowed between the berms and firing lines.

The Action Range still needs the 80 yard berm moved further to the south, and extended around the east side, to fully enclose it.  A separate shooting area will eventually be set up on the east side of the Cook Shack.  Until suitable construction equipment can located for that work, the Action Range will remain open.

Work photos:

Building new steps on the east end.

Securing the east steps


Building steps on the north slope

Buidling the north slope steps


Moving timbers

Moving timbers into position


Professional Consultations In Progress

Professional consultations in progress


Randy Is Supervising

Competent supervision is a must for any successful project!



Earlier improvements:

Steel plates coming off some berms

AR500 steel target shattered by .338 bullet


This 3/8" plate was on the 200 yard berm, and this was how it was found on the ground.  A .338 bullet was found near it:


338 Bullet

The steel plates on the 50 and 100 yard berms have also been shot to pieces. 

The steel plates purchased by the range, using your dues and donations to the Rifle Range, can withstand pistol and rifle rounds up to about 7.62mm (.308).  Bullet velocity should be below 3,000 fps at the point of impact (to avoid pitting), and less than 3,500 ft lbs of energy at impact.  They can generally be used with large calibers at 300 yards and beyond. 

The posts are being removed from the 50, 100, and 200 yard berms for use on the Action Range, once the safety improvements are completed.  Only the 300 to 800 yard berms will have permanent steel targets.


Latest Range Improvements (Part 8)


More work on the Action Range!  Our biggest problem is getting suitable earth moving equipment -- the club can't afford to rent any at this time.  But there would be none at all if the club had not purchased the new tractor.  The latest effort comes to us thanks to Randy Kerby:

Action Range Firing Line -- looking at the cook shack


And from the other direction:

Action Range Firing Line, from the other end


More gravel is needed on the slopes, and then the firing positions will be established.

And in another of the range:  Poles and trees!

Property line Poles Painted!

Our lease agreement requires that this particular property line have these boundary markers to clearly mark where the range starts.  The club mows the entire area, back to the rental home, as part of the lease, but our operations stop here. 

(We are also required to post warning signs around the rest of the range; that small sign to the right of the poles is what will be installed sometime this fall.)

And in other parts of the range, we now have ... ... TREES!

An Austrian Pine in its not-so-native habitat, struggling gamely to survive in order to provide noise abatement.


The conditional use permit requires trees along the northern boundary for noise abatement.  After much research, the Austrian Pine was selected as the tree of choice.  These grow well in this area, but require watering for 2 years.  An irrigation system will be installed for this purpose.  For the time being, the trees will be watered manually.

The First Planting!


It's difficult to see, but there are two rows, with the trees planted 10 feet apart.  The rows are 5 feet apart, and staggered, for maximum coverage.  This is the first planting; more will be planted along the Archery Range.

Johnny Appleseed and his able assistant!

Tree planting planned and coordinated by Bob Fulgham!  Helping with this planting were Steve Anderson, Randy Kerby, and Jeff Stidham


Earlier improvements:

Latest Range Improvements (Part 5)

May 5, 2020

Work on the next eco-block wall for the pistol bays started today.  Construction services are courtesy of Humbert Construction.  More work on the archery range took place as well.  The pictures are below.  

Building the wall base

Preparing the foundation


Gravel For The Base

Gravel for the foundation

Setting The Level

Leveling the foundation

Half Built

The wall at 50% completion


Lane Improvements

The improved lanes!


Archery range flag Pole

The Archery Range flag pole

Archery Range Wall relignment

The protective wall between the ranges has been straightened out.  

The painted lines on the ground show where eco-blocks will be installed as a  firebreak.

Archery Range Proof of Concept target

The proof of concept target stand for the archery range.  More need to be built -- if you are an archer, and want more targets, contact the club!



Earlier improvements:

Social Distancing Reminder

These signs are now in place about the range:

Orange COVID-19 sign   Yellow COVID-19 sign

Following these guidelines is a condition of our staying open.

Please cooperate with these temporary measures and “Flatten The Curve”!

Thank you!