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Family Day

Put down that handheld portal to the digital world. Forget going to the river weekend. Take a break from the never ending yard work. If you want to have something fun for the whole family to do together and a guaranteed way to place a grin on your family's faces, we have it! Plan to spend the day at the shooting range.

Smartphones, video games and streaming endless hours of movies and entertainment fill the days of youth and adults alike. Our kids are now spending on average seven and a half hours per day in front of a screen either a TV, smartphone or computer. And only one in three children are physically active each day. So get the family outdoors and do something good for the whole family to be able to have fun together. 

Once you hand your son, daughter, husband or wife a firearm and they start sending projectiles downrange, you will soon hear, "Hand me more ammo, please."

A day at the range can lead to a lifetime of family fun and memories and way to get new youth shooters ready for the range and they'll thank you someday in the future as they pass down the tradition of taking your family to the range day.