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The new NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

The NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is a skill development program, administrated by parents, club leaders, coaches or instructors. Qualification shooting can be conducted on any appropriate range, even a home range where applicable and courses of fire are open to everyone—men, women, and youth.

The NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program offers shooters a self-paced training platform to develop their shooting skills. It’s a drill. We set the standards and you meet the challenge! Progression is self-paced and scores are challenging, but attainable. Take your shooting skills to the next level and challenge yourself in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program today!

The courses of fire and qualifications are available for download on the EER&G Club web site!

14 Jan 21: Range Workday!

Today was Work Day on the range! Lots of maintenance and changes on the Rifle, Action, and Archery Ranges, plus the Blacksmith Building.  Also, the pigeon throwers are being repaired, and the Shotgun Range is down to one at this time.
Many thanks to the volunteers who spent the morning working! Pictures are below:
Trash can and tractor at work!
Taking down target backing and frames means a lot of trash.
New framing for the 100 yard targets
Working on the 100 yard target frames
New backing for the 500 yard target!
New backing for the 500 yard berm!
Installing one of the new steel targets on the Action Range
Installing a steel target on a new post for the Action Range
Two of the four steel targets on the Action Range

Two of the new steel targets on the Action Range

New target backing for the 40 yard berm on the Action Range

New back for the 40 yard berm

One new target stand, and one repaired target stand, for the Archery Range!

One new target stand, and one repaired stand, for the Archery Range


Next two photos: Can you tell what we did?

Can you guess what we did here?
Well?  Have you figured it out?

How To Download Documents From Your Member Account

There are several documents that the club publishes for the membership.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Bylaws, Range SOP, and Range SOP.  Due to printing costs, and the wide use of smart devices and computers, the club no longer hands out hard copies, but they are available for download as a PDF.

You are encouraged to download copies of these documents for quick reference on the firing line, especially the Range SOP and Range Rules.  These are updated periodically by the Board.

Downloads are available to paid members.  To access them at the web site (https://www.eergunclub.com/), you need to register for an account.  If you already have one, just log in.  See the figure below:


Logging into your account


Once you are logged in, click on "Member Documents", as shown in the graphic below.  Please note that you can find your membership status here as well.


Go To The Member Documents Page

And here are the files that you can download!


Select your file to download

Those Stands Aren't For What You Think They're For

If you shoot in the Blacksmith building, you have seen these along the left side:


Cowboy Action target stands


These are target stands for the Cowboy Action event, made from flexible construction rebar, which is easy to bend and weld into useful shapes.  However, the rebar steel is not hardened, like AR500 steel.  The cowboy shoots use low velocity powder with soft lead bullets, which are unlikely to damage the soft steel.  The stands are purchased and built by Cowboy Action members, and are not available for general use.  

That's because modern ammunition, with hardened bullets and higher velocities, will snap these stands like a twig.  These are stored in the open for convenience of Cowboy Action, not general range members.

So this arrangement is a no-no:

Don't do this


Thank you for your cooperation!

WW Gun Club/East End Rod & Gun Club 2021 Winter League Five Stand

300 Bird Event - 150 Targets at Each Club

There be a winter five stand league, taking place over five weekends at both the Walla Walla Gun Club and the East End Rod & Gun Club. There will be the opportunity to shoot 500 targets at each club and only count your best 150 per club toward your league score. The shoot dates at the two clubs are shown below, and have been posted on the club calendar. 

The shoots will be held on both Saturday and Sunday.  This allows those with church commitments an opportunity to get their league targets. 

Both courses will go through some level of change every week so there will be “new” and challenging targets/menus throughout the league shoot calendar. There will also be a Lewis Class money pot which provides for money splits through the shoot roster, not just the top score(s).

The Walla Walla Club Five Stand is open every Sunday at 9 AM for practice until the league calendar kicks in.  It's probably a good idea to burn some powder there and at the East End on January 16th in preparation for a fun competition!






Feb 6


Feb 7


Feb 13


Feb 14


Feb 20


Feb 21


Feb 27


Feb 28


March 6


March 7


Ranges open at 9:00 AM

  • Maximum of 100 league targets per shoot day.
  • League targets will be first round(s) for the shoot day.
  • Non-League targets can be shot and must be declared.
  • 150 East End targets will be 75 report-pair and 75 true-pair.
  • Potential 500 targets per Club (5 shoot days, 100 targets/day). Only your highest scores will count toward club league score.
  • $6.00/ five stand round (25 targets) or a punch on your card at WWGC.
  • $30.00 buy-in required for Modified Lewis Class options. Modified Lewis will be divided as follows: 1) 35% of total purse will be paid to top two scores, and will be divided 60-40 percentage. 2) 65% of total purse will be divided into four Lewis Classes, with one money to each class. The third score will lead the first class.
  • NSCA Rules

Proper target placement on the Action Range

There's a real risk of ground richochets and high shots going from the Action Range into the Rifle Range.  The club has rebuilt the Action Range to mitigate that risk, but members have a role in that mitigation.

Here is the new layout of the Action Range:

Action Range, as of 12 December 2020

As you can see below, part of the impact area from the Action Range, from the two right hand firing positions, includes the 500 and 600 berms on the rifle range:

Action Range Impact area

All targets must be no more than six (6) feet from an impact berm.  This minimizes ground richocets and high shots, which could go into the Rifle Range.  That risk is NOT eliminated, which is why firing on the Action Range ceases when members go past the 200 yard berm.

If you look at the next photo, you can see where members have been shooting well away from the 40 yard berm.  Again, all targets on the Action Range must be no more than 6 feet from any impact berm.

20201212 Action Range Poor Target placement

If you want to shoot at targets at less than 40 yards, use the pistol bays, keeping in mind the limits on which firearms are acceptable in that part of the range.  

Here's a close of that location:

Do not shoot here!

 And this how shooters should be alligned on the Action Range:

Firing lanes on the Action Range