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Proper target placement on the Action Range

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There's a real risk of ground richochets and high shots going from the Action Range into the Rifle Range.  The club has rebuilt the Action Range to mitigate that risk, but members have a role in that mitigation.

Here is the new layout of the Action Range:

Action Range, as of 12 December 2020

As you can see below, part of the impact area from the Action Range, from the two right hand firing positions, includes the 500 and 600 berms on the rifle range:

Action Range Impact area

All targets must be no more than six (6) feet from an impact berm.  This minimizes ground richocets and high shots, which could go into the Rifle Range.  That risk is NOT eliminated, which is why firing on the Action Range ceases when members go past the 200 yard berm.

If you look at the next photo, you can see where members have been shooting well away from the 40 yard berm.  Again, all targets on the Action Range must be no more than 6 feet from any impact berm.

20201212 Action Range Poor Target placement

If you want to shoot at targets at less than 40 yards, use the pistol bays, keeping in mind the limits on which firearms are acceptable in that part of the range.  

Here's a close of that location:

Do not shoot here!

 And this how shooters should be alligned on the Action Range:

Firing lanes on the Action Range