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Those Stands Aren't For What You Think They're For

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If you shoot in the Blacksmith building, you have seen these along the left side:


Cowboy Action target stands


These are target stands for the Cowboy Action event, made from flexible construction rebar, which is easy to bend and weld into useful shapes.  However, the rebar steel is not hardened, like AR500 steel.  The cowboy shoots use low velocity powder with soft lead bullets, which are unlikely to damage the soft steel.  The stands are purchased and built by Cowboy Action members, and are not available for general use.  

That's because modern ammunition, with hardened bullets and higher velocities, will snap these stands like a twig.  These are stored in the open for convenience of Cowboy Action, not general range members.

So this arrangement is a no-no:

Don't do this


Thank you for your cooperation!