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How To Download Documents From Your Member Account

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There are several documents that the club publishes for the membership.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Bylaws, Range SOP, and Range SOP.  Due to printing costs, and the wide use of smart devices and computers, the club no longer hands out hard copies, but they are available for download as a PDF.

You are encouraged to download copies of these documents for quick reference on the firing line, especially the Range SOP and Range Rules.  These are updated periodically by the Board.

Downloads are available to paid members.  To access them at the web site (https://www.eergunclub.com/), you need to register for an account.  If you already have one, just log in.  See the figure below:


Logging into your account


Once you are logged in, click on "Member Documents", as shown in the graphic below.  Please note that you can find your membership status here as well.


Go To The Member Documents Page

And here are the files that you can download!


Select your file to download