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The Action Range was not used properly on Saturday, March 6th.  Two targets were incorrectly placed, as you might see in this photo:

What is wrong with this picture?

And if you can't, here's a zoom of the problem:

Look closely

The wooden posts are not target stands, they are lane markers, and installed for safety reasons.  Shooters may use the far berm between them, and the 40 yard berm to the right of the right hand marker. 

Using them as target stands is unsafe, irresponsible, and silly.  Here's a close up of the lane marker at the 40 yard berm:

Target on 40 yd berm

Whoever put this up went to a lot of work to screw the board onto the lane marker, and to mount the target on the board,  A roll of tape, applied to one of the target stands, would have done the same thing, and with a lot less effort. 

And this is the damage they did to the lane marker by the shooter(s):

Damage to lane marker

Here's the target on the far berm; again, a lot of unnecessary work went into this, espcially considering the steel plates to the right of this.  Fortunately, the marksmanship was poor, and the marker was not damaged as much.

Target on far bermKeep a roll of tape in your shooting bag -- that's $1 at the Dollar Store, or a few dollars at the hardware store.  The blue tape is quite effective.

Oh, and please pick up your garbage -- this was left at the base of the 40 yard berm.

Pick up your garbage -- this was left at the 40 yard berm