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Sporting Clays Championship Results

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via Larry Zalaznik:

The Washington State Sporting Clays Championship took place July 1 thru 4 at Lost Pair Ranch near Cle Elum. SE WA was well represented with six shooters from WW: Shane Loper, Larry Zalaznik, Mike Bireley, Larry Brown, Gene Curcio, Kelsie Taylor and four shooters from Rattlesnake/Tri-Cities: Lindsay Nelsen, Phil Volkman, Mike Tomlinson, Mark Monopoli. 

Accomplishments of the area shooters:

Shane Loper –

    • Main Event sporting clays AA Class, 1st place w/ 178/200
    • Main five stand AA Class, 2nd place w/ 43/50

Larry Brown - 

    • Main Event sporting clays D Class, 1st place w/ 153/200
    • Main Event super sport D Class, 1st place w/ 38/50

Mike Bireley –

    • Friday super sport D Class, tied for 1st w/ 35/50
    • Main Event super sport D Class, 2nd place (behind Larry Brown) w/ 36/50

Larry Zalaznik –

    • Thursday 12 ga. 50 bird sporting clays A Class, 1st place w/ 43/50
    • .410 bore 50 bird sporting clays B Class, 1st place w/ 37/50

Gene Curcio - 

    • Main Event sporting clays E Class, 3rd place w/129/200. Gene had a 68/100 on the Saturday course and had two stations (14 targets) where he scored zero. He shot the other 11 stations extremely well.

Lindsay Nelsen –

    • Friday five stand AA Class, tied for 1st place 
    • 20 ga. 50 bird sporting, A Class, tied for 2nd place
    • .410 bore 50 bird sporting, A Class, tied for 1st place
    • Thursday 12 ga. 50 bird sporting clays AA Class, tied for 1st place

Mark Monopoli –

    • 20 ga. 50 bird sporting clays B Class, 1st place

Phil Volkman –

    • Main Event sporting clays, B Class, tied for 2nd
    • Main Event super sport, B Class, tied for 2nd
    • Friday super sport, B Class, 2nd place

There was over $20,000 paid to all the shoot winners. The biggest money winner of the above listed shooters was Larry Brown with $500 of winnings. There were 154 shooters in the Main Event sporting clays. Some stiff competition from west-side shooters that have access to numerous clays courses within easy driving time, unlike access for Walla Walla and Rattlesnake shooters. Shooting temperatures started at 75 degrees on Thursday and crept  up to 90 degrees on Sunday. A great respite from our recent heat. 

We saw some really tough tournament targets, but a good time was had by all.