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Nominations for 2022 Elections

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Nominations received to date are:

    • President: Jeff Stidham – nominated by Stacy Alexander
    • Vice President: Randy Kerby – nominated by Steve Anderson
    • Secretary: Jan Anderson – Nominated by Verlynn Clarambeau
    • Public Media and Relations Manager: Bob Fulgham – nominated by Randy Kerby
    • Director: Buddy Birdwell – nominated by James Ziska
    • Director: Gentry Thorpe – nominated by Jerrod Propeck
    • Director Jerrod Propeck – nominated by Gentry Thorpe

These nominees are all eligible to hold positions as they meet the minimum requirements as per the By-Laws.

Elections are scheduled for the January 6th, 2021 meeting.  Open positions and years to serve are:

    • President – 1 year 
    • Vice President – 2 years
    • Secretary – 1 year
    • Public Media and Relations– 1 year
    • Director Seat Positions: # 7 and 8, both 1 year.

In 2023, all one year positions will be filled for a term of 2 years.