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Muzzle Loaders Club

The Muzzleloading Club shoots the first Sunday of the month rain or shine (Exceptions due to holidays). We have three five-shot rifle matches at either twenty-five or fifty yards which are shot from the bench, off-hand, or cross sticks. We also shoot one twenty-five yard, ten-shot pistol match using a one-hand hold.

We have a trail walk type shoot about three times a year which consists of shooting at steel plates of various sizes and shapes at thirty-five to fifty yards, all off-hand.

If you would like to shoot or learn how to shoot your muzzleloaders bring out your rifle to our club shoot.  Practice starts anytime after 9:00 am and we start shooting our formal matches at 1:00 pm.    

2018-2019 SHOOT SCHEDULE:  Club Range now at the East End Rod and Gun Club, Milton Freewater, OR on Cemetery Rd


Attention: All targets will be hung so that you will be shooting into the backstop. Black powder (Or black powder substitute) only in Muzzle Loading Guns, and or Rifle or Pistols shooting black powder cartridges, 45-70, 44-40 etc. with lead bullets. No Modern Ammo Allowed.


1. The Shoot Schedule for the 2018-2019-club year is below, and on the club calendar. The Range Officer has the right to make any last minute changes do to weather, safety, or range conditions.


2. A volunteer club member(s) can put on the Club Match for the 2018-2019. The type of target and scoring will be at the member's discretion, otherwise the Range officer will make up the match.


3. If club members desire a special match such as flintlock, musket, cartridge rifle, etc. the range officer or assistant will arrange such a match to precede the normal shoot schedule. The decision regarding any special match will be made at the club meeting preceding the shoot. 


4. Following the April shoot, the range officer will total each shooter's six (6) highest monthly scores for a total score to be used in determining shooter of the year. Any club member shooting in a minimum of ( 6) monthly shoots will be eligible to win one of four prizes.  


The categories will be decided by 1st. place by highest total score, 2nd. place by second highest total score, Third place by third highest total score. ( 4) Pistol, highest pistol total score. At each shoot there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, scores posted in the ranger officer' s book using the National Muzzle Loading Rules. Prizes for the monthly shoot for 1st., 2nd, and 3rd. will be awarded to club members only. The Club officers will determine the type of prizes awarded. Usually $3.00 for 1st, $2.00 for 2nd, and $1.00 for 3rd place.


On the Elk target winner will be determined by most matches won by a shooter for the year. Ties will be broken by a shoot off during the April shoot.