Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

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Here is the Newsletter for May! maynews2022.pdf 

April was busy, and May will be more so.  Saturday, May 7th, is our Women on Target event, and the Archery Range, the Pistol Range, and the Action Range will be in use all day.  Please note that orientation has been moved to May 14th because of WOT.  Be sure to check the calendar for other range activities!   

We’ve had a couple of maintenance days, and the farmers have made an occasional appearance, with the black flag raised.  We still need to mow the grass, and disc a fire lane around the property, so expect more range shut downs as spring slides into summer.  Don’t forget, all our maintenance is performed by volunteers, which keeps your dues down.  If you want to volunteer, join the Groups page at to follow current activities.

Speaking of volunteers, those answering calls to the club number (541.203.0124) get a wide range of inquiries.  The most common message is along the lines of “My card isn’t working!” 

The reader beeps when the card is held close, but the gate stays closed.  This means that either dues were not paid, there is no orientation on record, or both.   Sometimes there’s an error in updating the database.  A call or text message to the club number will tell you which.  If it’s an update error, that usually can be addressed without much fuss.

However, if you forgot to pay dues or attend the mandatory annual orientation, you aren’t getting in until that requirement is satisfied.  If you want to avoid this, write the renewal month on your card with a permanent marker, and cover it with transparent tape, as a reminder.  The club sends out renewal emails, but those can be missed.   

Sometimes, though, the card is just bad; there’s no beep when held up to the reader.  The card will be replaced, at no cost.  This usually happens when it’s carried in a wallet – you might keep it in your range bag, in some sort of container. 

In any case, should your card not work, please do not ask someone to let you in, or follow someone else in.  Aside from the fact that you will be breaking club rules, you may not be able to get out afterwards. 

And some members have not used their card because someone just opened the gate.  It’s convenient to just follow someone else in, but it’s not a good idea.  We know this as members have called the club number because they are locked in …  and they admitted to not using their card to open the gate in the first place.  Hence, they didn’t know it wouldn’t work.

So keep track of your membership so your card is always ready to be used!

And, as always, don’t forget that YOU are the final safety measure on the firing line!

Jeff Stidham, President



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