June 2022 President's Letter

June 2022 President's Letter


Dear ,


 June was a good month; the Family Range Day was well attended, in spite of the inclement weather, and the participants had a lot fun!  Our thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make this happen, and especially to Bob Fulgham for pulling it all together.  



The series of First Shots Handgun Clinics is proving very popular – there are already 17 signed up for the July session!  Events like these improve firearm safety in the community, not to mention expanding the gun culture.  Randy Kerby always needs instructors to help with this.


The tractor has been repaired, and mowing is progressing, but weeds are a constant problem, especially on the berms.  If you have one, please bring a weed whacker along on your next shoot, and take care of a berm or two before pulling the trigger.  If you have a riding mower, that can be used to keep the grass down behind the rifle range; Tiny Worden recently mowed the Archery and Muzzleloader Range, Chris Neufeld cleaned up the pistol bays, and Doug Triebelhorn worked on the Action Range.  And then there’s Marc Carney, Andy Porter, Larry Zalaznik, Darrell Barnes, and Louis Boyd for their recent efforts.  And of, course, Dan Carney has been rounding up the volunteers as the maintenance manager, not to mention working on the range as well.  Thanks to all of you!


Every little little bit helps, but there’s more do.  We need to finish the fire break around the range, and there are some projects on the spike.  Further information about what you could volunteer for may be found at https://eergunclub.groups.io/g/Volunteers.  And, yes, we have been scheduling work on weekdays, cutting back on our possible volunteers.  The range is very busy on weekends, especially this time of year, and we want to avoid shutting down ranges then.


In case you missed it, summer temperatures are finally upon us, and fire danger will only increase.  If there is a fire warning or watch around the range, it will be shut down.  Keep an eye on the web site and Facebook page.  And, of course, be careful on the range.   


My last letter discussed the board positions coming up for a vote in January.  I made several errors, so you’ll find a corrected list in the July meeting agenda.  The agenda is attached.  We’ll discuss that, revised safety rules, and an operating budget, among other items.  


As a final note, there will be a “Volunteers Thank You” event on Saturday, July 30th, at the range.  The schedule has yet to be set, but we will have some face time with board members, some shooting, a BBQ, and maybe a small project to work on.  Keep an eye on the web site for more information!


Think about running for an office next year!  



Jeff Stidham, President

East End Rod & Gun Club