East End Rod & Gun Club

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East End Rod & Gun Club Membership and renewal

*NOTE* Current members, sign-in to your account to not be charged the $35 fee. This link is for new and expired memberships.

a.  The membership fee is for a household membership.  The person signing up online is the primary user, and all other household members are range users.  If you are single, you are the primary user.  Range users must be legally capable of handling firearms under state law.  

b.  You will receive ONE gate key with membership.  You can purchase Range User gate card for $15 per Range User. The primary user is responsible for all actions of the Range Users and guests on the range.

c.  The Primary and Range Users must attend range orientation and be assessed before the card is activated.

d.  The primary user must be a member of the National Rifle Association.  You may be either a full member or an associate member (no magazines). If you are already a member, please include your NRA number.  If not, you can join through the club.

e. In making online payment I state that I have read and agree to the Hold Harmless and Limitation of Liability contained in the application.

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Setup Fee: $35.00
Duration: 1 year
Price: $65.00