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Welcome to the East End Rod and Gun Club!

This is a private club, and membership is required to use it.  Members may bring guests.  If you are not a member, and wish to use the range, membership information is here.  Need directions to the range? Click Here 

The East End Rod and Gun Club opens at 8 am Monday through Friday, and 9 am Saturday and Sunday.  The range closes 30 minutes before sunset.  Make sure to look at the time board at the gate for the end shooting time that day!  The gate will open for another 45 minutes, so don't dally in leaving.

NOTICE: Due to bank processing issues, the club is not accepting payment by credit or debit cards for applications sent by mail or turned in at orientation.  Card payments submitted through the website are still accepted.  Payments sent by mail or turned in at an orientation must be cash, check, or money order.   Exact amounts for cash payments at orientation is appreciated.

Current range rules are now available in the Club Info menu, under Range Usage.


Please check this page, our Facebook page, or contact the club by phone [(541) 203-0124] or e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  


If you have suggestions, or perhaps a general question, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New Membership Plan and Dues Increase Proposed

The board has been discussing a new membership plan, including an increase of dues, for a few meetings. This has been sent out with the President's Letter several times as well.  The final proposal was completed at the June meeting, and will be voted on in August or September.  

You can read the final proposal by clicking here to bring it up as a PDF.

Please read this plan, as it impacts every member and range user.  The plan is consistent with the current practices, but provides for more options.  Some of the changes include:

    • There are individual and family memberships
    • Range users must purchase a gate card
    • The $35 initiation and late fee will be rescinded

Send your comments and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Club meeting minutes and other documents are available for members

Log on as a member, under the "MEMBERSHIP" button.  For minutes, click "Member pages" and then "Meeting Minutes".  For the SOP, Range Rules, and By-Laws, click on "Member Documents".  If you lack an account, sign up for one under MEMBERSHIP.

 Pistol Bay Upgrades! March 23, 2023

Most of the hay bales have been removed from the pistol bays, prepatory for installing the eco-blocks. Thanks go to AJ Wentland, the farmer who moved the bales, and to Chris Neufeld, who helped moved old pallets out of the way.

The Action and Rifle Ranges are back to normal operations.

Until the blocks are installed, the south 3 bays (closest to the Action Range) are closed to shooting. This has been roped off.

The blacksmith building and the next two bays are available for shooting. The bay next to the blacksmith building now has both the dueling tree and one of the falling plate racks.

No date on eco-block installation has been set. Please watch this page and the club web site for updates.

20230323 Moving hay bales 2

20230323 Moving hay bales 3


Maintenance, Plus...

The range maintenance crew on February 18th was Rod MacLean, Jo Dee, Andy Porter, and Dan Carney.  Rod raked out the shotgun and pistol parking areas. The rest repaired target stands, put up the new dueling tree, and the new sign for falling plate bays.  Our thanks to all of these volunteers!

20230218 range mnx 5     20230218 range mnx 4

New Duel Tree!  Click picture for video.

20230218 range mnx 1

Target Maintenance

The rifle range is very popular, and the targets show it! On February 3rd, volunteers fixed or replaced target backing on the 25, 50, and 100 yard berms. The backing on the rest of the berms are OK, but some of the steel targets are definitely showing wear and tear. The next time you see one of them, please thank Dan Carney, Marc Carney, Andy Porter, Jim Hartford, Ted Richerzhagen, Darrell Barnes, or Rod MacLean.

Don't forget that you should be using staples or blue tape to attach your targets, or a self-sticking target; push pins or nails are not allowed. Also, PLEASE remove your targets when you finish shooting. Those tend to fall off and blow off the range, becoming litter. And it's very obvious where that litter comes from, so be a good neighbor!

 20230202 Mnx 4

This is not a good practice

Shooting large fruits is fine on the range; it’s fun, and sure beats dealing with broken glass and shot up lawn mowers! Plus it feeds the wildlife.

But take a few moments to throw the remains either over the berm, or around the side, towards the backside. The animals will eat the remains in front of the targets, and you won’t be able to shoot until they’re finished, since this is NOT a hunting club.

Please respect YOUR range.

20221104 Fruit Targets

No Armor Piercing Ammunition

UPDATE: There’s a new sign on the Action Range, as you can see below. But it applies to the entire range.

Take a few moments to review the range rules before you shoot. Thank you!


20221104 Action Range Sign



"The only acceptable targets in either falling plate bay are the steel plates themselves.  Anything else may increase the risk of a ricochet,  and will lead to damage of the plate rack.  Use a paper target in the other bays, using either a range target stand, or one of your own.  Your cooperation increases safety and keeps operating costs lower. "

20230131 bad target placement



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It's YOUR range!
Help keep it clean!

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No explosions on the range!
Be a good neighbor!