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Welcome to the East End Rod & Gun Club!

This is a private gun club in Milton-Freewater, OR, and full membership is required to shoot there. Members and range users may bring guests, but we do not offer day passes.

The club does not rent firearms or sell ammunition.

If you are not a member and wish to use the range, membership information is here.

Need directions to the range? Click here.

The East End Rod & Gun Club (EERGC) opens at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. The range closes 30 minutes before sunset. Make sure to look at the time board at the gate for the end shooting time that day. The gate will remain open for another 45 minutes, so don’t dally in leaving.

Current range rules are now available in the Club Info menu.

Please check out our web site, our Facebook page, or contact the club by phone or text at (541) 203-0124, by email,  or use our contact form!

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What if your gate card isn’t working?

The range gate is operated using a radio frequency identification (RF ID) system. Possessing an active gate card indicates that a person in the vehicle is a member or range user, and has met membership requirements, consistent with the Club’s liability insurance policy.

If your card does not open the gate, see if you recognize of these items:

  • Does the card reader NOT beep and flash green? The card is defective, and will be replaced by the club at no charge.  Bring your old card to the next orientation for a swap.
  • If the card reader beeps and flashes green, but the gate does not open, it may be due one of the following:
    • Check that you are using a club issued card. These are in common use, and others can be read by the gate system, but won’t be recognized.
    • Have you paid your dues, and met the current orientation policy? Cards are not activated until both are met.  Contact the club for further information.
    • If you have paid your dues and meet orientation requirements, contact the club. Unfortunately, the gate system may not have updated recently. Contact the club for further information.

Members and range users are asked to ALWAYS card in and out, even if the gate is locked open.  This gives us solid use data when requesting grants.  If you have more than one member or range user in the vehicle, please scan all of the cards.

And, unfortunately, non-members have been known to sneak in at times by “ghosting” in behind others.  Sometimes, the driver is a member, but is in a hurry or lazy; however, their card may not be active.  If so, they won’t be able to leave the range, and will have to call for assistance to get out.  You can discourage this by pulling just inside the gate, and waiting until it begins to close, about 20 seconds after you go through the gate.

Current Range Status

Current Range Status

Current EER&GC Range Status
Updated on: May 31th, 2024
Muzzle Loader:OPEN
Pistol Bays:OPEN
Rifle: OPEN
Subject to change without notice.
Check out the calendar for more information!

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Member services and features

What you can find on this web site!

To access these feature, you need to purchase a membership, and then log in as a member here.  If you don’t have a membership, you may purchase one on the Membership Levels page.

For all club documents, hover your mouse over “Member Login” at the top of this page, and then click on “Documents”.  This includes minutes, newsletters, Range SOP, Range Rules, and By-Laws. 

You can also review and edit your profile, as well as check out your expiration date.  If you have a family plan, you can invite family members to be range users through the “Manage Groups” option on your “Membership Account” page.

General questions can be sent to the board, and safety issues to the Range Marshal, on the Contact page.

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This club pays for the basic service, which allows us to maintain several forums.  This includes a general forum for members and range users, and another for those who wish to volunteer!

Joining is voluntary, but it is encouraged.   Links are below.