East End Rod & Gun Club

Flattening the boredom curve since 1947

Club History

The East End Rod and Gun Club was started in July 16, 1947. Started by Harold Otto (President), Geo Heller (Vice President), and Vic Nyrgren (Secretary/Treasurer). The object was the promotion of the conservation of our natural resources, hunter safety education, the relations between sportsmen and landowner, and shooting sports among the citizens of our community.

We are constantly working to develop a plan for the use of the property and goals for what we would like to accomplish in the next several years.  We want to encourage everyone to come to the meetings and be an active participant in this decision making process. 

In 2005, we graveled the road and a firing line.  In 2006 we installed concrete shooting benches along the firing line.  We also began Cowboy Town. In 2007 we obtained and ODFW grant for berming out to 400 yards and the permanent, handicap bathroom.  Our 2010 ODFW grant funds helped us get an automatic gate system.